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Ready for the changes that the marketplace demands? I can get you ready!


There is no secret sauce to success in the midst of change. With over 23 years of experience helping people to be the best and deliver top-notch results, I am equipped to help you navigate the inevitable changes ahead. As a keynote speaker, I will infuse your organization with the winning recipe. As career thought-leaders, our team will set you up to create a stable career in the midst of an unstable marketplace.

Remember to live out loud, play full out and BE invincible in your space.

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Set Your Next Event On Fire With Janice as Your Keynote Speaker!

When having an event that requires you to have a keynote speaker it's imperative that you have someone who captivates with passion, practicality and purpose. Janice not only does all three but she creates an environment where innovation can take place. Whether it's team building, motivation & empowerment or ministry she's able to embody the true essence of what's to be achieved and surpass all expectations. Don't hesitate to book her for your next event as she never disappoints!

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Take Charge Of Your Career!

It takes only one step in the right direction to get your career on the right track. Take that step today by scheduling your 30-minute consultation with a JCC team member to see what's the best remedy for your needs!

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Do You Feel Like Your Career Is In The ER And You Are Trying to Keep It From Going to The Morgue?!?

What if we told you there's a way to save it, would you take the opportunity to revive what's left or even start anew? Well get ready to yell, CLEAR! whether you need help with your resume, interview skills, or need to learn how to work the room & your current network there's something for you in Career Triage! Don't wait any longer, schedule your FREE 30-minute check-up to see where your career is and start your way down the road to a career you want and that wants you!

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26 Doses Of Career Triage

 If you feel like your career is in the ER and you are trying to keep from going the morgue you need this book. 26 Doses of Career Triage is a professional development book for people who want to successfully navigate the marketplace finding and enjoying the job they love and the job that loves them.

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Pivot: Thriving In Times Of Change

In these pages you will find stories of the underdogs, the overqualified, the experts the disenfranchised, and the unlikely. The authors who have penned these words you will read have embraced challenges and turned them into triumphs and are committed to helping you do the same.

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Meet Janice Coleman

Janice Coleman is a Career, Executive and Leadership coach with the superior ability to create positive results for her clients. She loves learning, listening to music, helping people find their calling/work satisfaction, and supporting organizations that want to help their employees grow by promoting exceptional performance through life-changing coaching and training.

For over 20 years she has been working with professionals and students to find the career they love and the career that loves them! She provides relevant insights into today's world of work by helping her clients find the breakthroughs they want and need to become viable in the 21st Century marketplace with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. She has worked within industries such as Higher Education, Engineering, Human Resources, Transportation, Information Technology, Sales, Retail and more...

After working with Janice, you will experience the difference between working in a job and having the career of your dreams!

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"I have heard Janice Coleman speak on a number of occasions. It is always inspirational and motivational. You can tell she does research and homework before presenting. She is full of relevant information which she readily shares! Her style is relaxing and natural. If you are looking for a presenter who challenges the status quo and engages her audience, look no further"

- Dr. Valerie A., Sr. Program Director (Higher Education - Ivy League)

"Because of her, I am more confident with my job search efforts.  I recommend her services to anyone who would like to improve their professional development skills. "

- Ariana C., Candidate for M.S in Journalism

"I am impressed with Janice's ability to help me find my untapped potential, cultivate it, and then encouraged me to pay it forward."

- Ray W., Senior Vice President: Head of Digital Customer Performance (Banking Industry)

"I had not been in the job market for over 35 years. She spent significant time formulating a plan to strategically position me to enter the job market."

- Mark R., Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer(Medical Industry)

"Her words are full of wisdom and experience. Our community was blessed by her presence. She has left an impression that will last forever."

- S. Francis., President /Founder (Int'l Entrepreneurial Development)

"Janice is a professional career advisor with high energy, great personality and great networking skills. I would like to recommend her as a highly motivational professional who knows how to get people to stop and listen to what she has to say. Janice is a great speaker with a great personality, business knowledge and she has the style to make it all work for her."

- Denis K., President  
(Technology Consultant)
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